Everything you need to know about Mobile Auto Electrician

Everything you need to know about Mobile Auto Electrician

Mobile Auto Electrician

Your car has broken down. You’re stranded in the middle nowhere and help is nowhere to be seen. North Coast Auto and Marine Electrics is only a phone call away. Our mobile auto electricians are on call 24/7. We are a locally owned and fully equipped mobile auto electricians. If your battery has gone flat in your sedan, four wheel drive, or truck, North Coast Auto and Marine Electrics are the experts to call!

Some services auto electricians offer are – air conditioning repairs, battery replacement, auto transmission servicing, brake repairs, wheel alignment, tyre servicing , and vehicle inspection. We also specialise in performing diagnostics to locate problems in electronic steering – plus SRS and ABS airbag systems. The skills don’t end there. Mobile auto electricians are able to test and repair your ignition systems and electronic fuel injectors.

The handy difference with a mobile auto electrician (compared to a regular mechanic) is you don’t need to travel to us, we come to you! Mobile auto electricians have all the suitable qualifications necessary to get your car, boat, or caravan back on the road before you can say *broom broom*. Simply call our number anytime and we can diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible.

With forty years in the auto electrical business, North Coast Auto and Marine Electrics are proud to call ourselves one of the best auto electric specialists in the state. We use modern computer diagnostic equipment mobile fleet vehicles. You can rest assured that your vehicle or boat is in the safest hands!

Worried about cost? No need. Mobile auto electricians completely understand that unforeseen emergencies such as vehicle breakdowns can lead to a large bill at the end of the day. Don’t stress as our vehicle experts are human too. So we’ll sit down with you and aim to offer a reasonable price for the job at hand.

Mobile auto electricians are industry professionals in dealing with auto electric repairs, earthmoving electrics, marine electric & industrial machine repairs. Specialising in the electronic components of most vehicles. At North Coast Auto and Marine Electrics we provide professional service that is reliable, and available at anytime of the day or night. We offer carry out repairs at a time and place that is convenient for you. Our services come with a 100% money back guarantee. Ensuring that you are completely happy with the work carried out by our qualified professionals.

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